How to Dress on Christmas Day

It may feel like you’ve lived in loungewear for 350 days this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for Christmas. Whether you’ll be spending the day with a select few friends, your partner or back at home with your parents – we’ve got your Christmas day dressing covered.

Although there’s no official Christmas day dress code, the big day usually consists of more than one outfit. Whether you’re visiting church, opening presents, drinking bucks fizz or all of the above, on Christmas morning we’ll be wearing a more casual outfit before our more dressed up looks for the main event. We’ll also need some extra waistband room after all those pigs in blankets and two helpings of Christmas pudding so will be swapping our dresses or shirts for something more roomy.

Christmas Morning

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If you aren’t leaving the house, spending your morning in a pair of pyjamas is absolutely acceptable. Some of us may be rushing down the stairs to open our presents and some for the bacon sandwich waiting in the kitchen, either way comfort is key so wrap yourself up in your dressing gown and relax this Christmas morning.

Christmas Dinner

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Just because there may be less people around the table this year, you’re still entitled to wear your best outfit, and if you have guests joining you virtually, even better! If you’re looking for a new dress for Christmas day, or something a little smarter than your trusty denim, we’ve got just the thing.

Christmas Evening

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Otherwise known as cheeseboard time, Christmas evening is for relaxing in front of a Christmas film with a glass of fizz. After devouring your Christmas dinner, playing some board games and drinking multiple glasses of mulled wine, there’s nothing more comforting than sliding into something a little looser. Here’s some of our favourites.



Christmas Dinner Table Inspiration with Ferm Living


Christmas Dinner Table Inspiration with Ferm Living

Not only 'tis it the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season for scouting out Christmas dinner table inspiration. If you’re playing host this Christmas, it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself hours deep into Pinterest, and still undecided on the theme of your Christmas table decor. But fear not, Ferm Living are here to help.

2021-11-24 12:10:22By Ciara Martin

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Ciara Martin

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