5 Fashion Resolutions We’re Making This Year

The New Year and New Years resolutions go hand in hand, and we’re not talking about cutting down on crisps or giving up your favourite tipple, we’re talking fashion resolutions. The fashion industry has come a long way in the past decade, making a difference to the planet as well as society. From supporting local brands to making more considered purchases here are the fashion resolutions we’ll be making this year.



#1 Buy less, buy better

We’re putting a focus on buying less but buying better this year, and a lot of designers are backing the new way of shopping. With more considered collections and some designers totally scrapping seasonal styles altogether. We’re big fans of investing our money into better quality pieces which will last a lifetime. The impact of reducing consumerism and production has a positive effect on the planet with less water wasted, fabric ending up in landfills and all in all helping the environment.

#2 Education

Number two in our New Years fashion resolutions is to educate ourselves more about the brands we’re buying. Do you have questions about why you’re paying more for sustainable fabrics or brands whose production is in the UK? Do some research to really appreciate the efforts that the brand is implementing to help the environment. The Black Lives Matter movement was a pivotal part of 2020, and encouraged the likes of Aurora James and others to launch the 15 Percent Pledge, asking retailers to dedicate 15% of their shelf space to black owned brands. Learn more about the incredible talents of black owned brands like Bianca Saunders, Martine Rose and Wales Bonner to name a few who showcase their designs at London Fashion Week.

#3 Mix your loungewear with daywear

Our loungewear collections have become much more prominent in our daily life as we spend more time inside. Not only offering us more comfortable and looser fits, lounge sets are being integrated into our daywear and not only worn in the comfort of our homes. We’ve spotted some of our favourite influencers layering their favourite sweaters over the top of feminine dresses or full sweats with strappy heels like ROTATE girls, Thora Valdimars and Jeanette Madsen.



#4 Sustainability

Whether it’s adding recycled fabrics into the mix, planting trees or saying yes to more artisanal brands, sustainability in the fashion industry is a must. With Lyst seeing a 37% increase in searches for sustainability-related fashion keywords in 2020, designers including GANNI and Faithfull the Brand are putting their efforts into upping their sustainability practices as consumers become more conscious. Read here for more about the sustainable brands at Coggles.


Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Brands at Coggles


Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Brands at Coggles

Whether they are using recycled materials or saying no to mass production, discover some of the brands at Coggles putting their efforts into integrating more eco-conscious and sustainable production methods.

2021-05-10 12:34:23By Emma Bowkett

#5 Shop Local

With the economy coming to a halt this year due to the pandemic, homegrown fashion talents need support more than ever. We’re doing our bit to discover new British fashion designers, and with a whole host of progressive labels flying the flag for sustainability and equality we certainly won’t struggle. From Barbour who keep their production in their South Shields factory to Shrimps who handmake all their faux pearl handbags, here are a few of our favourite pieces from the British brands at Coggles.




Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

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