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Dopamine Dressing Dues From Designers At Coggles

With colourful clothing and joyful dressing taking centre stage this season we have all given our wardrobes a complete facelift. A product of isolation the buzzword is a complete backlash to our all too familiar loungewear sets. However this is not a new trend, this well-researched idea is called ‘Dopamine Dressing’ proving that wearing colour can uplift your mood. With the last two seasons flooding us with bold colours and bright prints we have completely uplifted our wardrobes and ourselves. Here get to grips with Dopamine Dressing and the designers that are giving us our daily dose. 
Two women crossing the street in brightly coloured dresses

#1 What is Dopamine Dressing? 

Dopamine dressing combines what you wear with mindfulness, it refers to the idea that the way we dress can affect our mood. How joyous dressing and the use of bright colours, prints and clashing patterns can uplift us and make us feel happier giving us confidence and hope.
Two men walking in the street wearing bright shirts and hats

#2 What is Dopamine? 

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is produced in your body to send messages between nerve cells. Dopamine affects our motivation, memory, and attention and allows us to strive and plan. When dopamine is released in large amounts, it creates feelings of content and happiness. It is known as the happy hormone! Girl in orange sitting on a blue sofa

#3 Where has Dopamine Dressing come from? 

Dopamine dressing is based on the idea of colour therapy also known as chromotherapy. The theory that colour can help physical and mental health has been practised for centuries. Colour therapy expert Al Mutaiteeb ‘uses colour to help clients release anxiety, ease depression and better connect with themselves.’ Interior designers use colour therapy as a powerful tool to reflect mood when working on interior spaces so it is no surprise that designers are now using strong colour palettes to reflect the emotion of the time. 
Women walking down the street in a long striped coat
Man walking wearing Gucci

#4 The Rules of Dopamine Dressing 

Here comes the cliche - there aren’t any! The more colour the merrier. Whether you prefer a blush, pastel palette or a widely printed aesthetic, the idea is that those colours reflect your mood. Known as a 'healthy’ fashion trend here are some of the brands at Coggles giving their dopamine dues. 

Martine Rose 

London based designer has become a cult for menswear fashion subverting the idea of traditional masculinity. The collection draws inspiration from Martines love for music and subcultures. Including print, pattern and pastel colours these pieces make you feel a certain way. 

Stine Goya 

Scandinavian brand Stine Goya has become an elite brand within womenswear. Stine’s sartorial quirk boasts mixed prints, textures and bright pops of colour. These stand out pieces are so pleasing to look at, with playful shapes and feminine details. 


French style hero Ami Paris offers a contemporary style for men and womenswear. Their signature knitted jumpers add a modern twist to classic shapes with super relaxed, casual cool styles. These pieces come in a variety of pastel, neutral and everyday colours. 

By Far 

This accessory brand is on every girl's wish list known for its sustainable approach with super feminine shapes and feel-good colours. Known for their small styles they are the ‘must have’ of the handbag world and cutting edge heels that channel our inner Emili Sindlev, you can't help but drool at the collection. 


Known for their timeless silhouettes, vibrant prints and sophisticated colour palettes these high-quality pieces are designed to stand out. The brand's eclectic style gives you the high style confidence you want from designer pieces. 
Women lying on a step wearing pastel colours


Holly Thompson
Holly Thompson Writer and expert

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