In Conversation with Marina Fernadez | SS19

We sat down with our favourite Spanish senorita and face of the Coggles SS19 campaign Marina Fernadez. Listen in and get the inside scoop on all things acting, modelling and art as we give a voice to this free spirited female.


You have fantastic hair, the first thing we need to clear up, is it natural?

Yes it is, I mean you can make it more curly, but it is naturally curly. I use cream in my hair for curls and I try to not wash it every maybe only twice a week

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing from the shoot today?

I have a few pieces left but I think the piece that I love the most is the Ganni boots; the cowboy ones. They’re insane, they go with everything and you’ll look cool. You can wear with sports clothes, jeans, with skirts, with dresses, the more random the better.


Do you have a favourite shot from the shoot so far?

The one in the swimming pool area, it was nice and warm. I really liked the way the sun came through the glass and looked natural.

Solid and Striped

So, you do some acting and also a bit of art, who would you say is your main influence?

I think my friends, when I moved to Madrid one of my flat mates was an actor and he introduced me to the films that he was watching. I was watching movies already but just not as many, from watching films with him I began to be really crazy about cinema.

What is it that you enjoy the most about creating art and acting?

I start to learn more about myself, I don’t think we really know ourselves properly, we think that we do, but we don’t. So I think every time that I do any art I find things out about myself and with acting I feel the same. Every time I go out to do a scene in acting school you have to think how you feel in the moment and that’s what I love.


Who would be your dream actor or actress to grab a glass of wine with?

I think Johnny Depp, he would be one of them, Juliette Binoche I love her. Who else, Marlon Brando but he’s not around anymore, so yeah I think these would be my top ones.

Were you acting before you started modelling?

I started with modelling, then later I was in commercials, which isn’t really acting. So I started modelling and then my friends were like you’ll be great at acting, so I tried it and I love it!

Solace London

If you had to pick, actress modelling or art what would you pick?

Modelling I wouldn’t pick that, so it would have to be between acting and art. Oh you know it’s difficult. I think I would pick art, because acting is still art and I could still paint. I feel like I can express myself by writing, painting or acting. Always art.


Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Writer and expert