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Miniature Landscapes by Fiddleoak

Miniature Landscapes by Fiddleoak: a small figure overlooking a mountain chain.

Step into a miniature world of make believe with teenage artist Zev, also known as Fiddleoak. He creates landscapes using a mixture of origami, photography and delicate lighting.

Along with his eighteen year old sister, fourteen year old Zev perfectly captures the imagination of a young man but with the execution of a mature artist, creating beautiful imagery that evokes an emotional reaction. His work calls you back to your youth, yearning for you to recapture it.

To see more of Fiddleoak's work, visit his photostream here.

Miniature Landscapes by Fiddleoak: a small figure hang-gliding across a field on a small origami airplane.Miniature Landscapes by Fiddleoak: a small figure sitting amidst a forest of flowers.Miniature Landscapes by Fiddleoak: a small girl flying through a field on an origami crane.
Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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