Howard Lau

Seagulls flying over a city by Howard Lau.

‘Proud Wanderer’ is a series by creative nature photographer Howard Lau. This series is an exciting and imaginative glimpse into what it would be like to soar above the skyline as one of our feathered friends. Taking the phrase ‘Birds Eye View’ very literally, Lau invites us to imagine ourselves as one of the flock, looking down on a variety of landscapes from these unique vantage points. Created by merging a series of images together, the illusion is both original and inspiring.

A bird flying over a vast desert by Howard Lau.

A seagull flying over marshland by Howard Lau.

A bird flying high above the earth by Howard Lau.

A bird on the ground observing a city by Howard Lau.

Words by Olivia Cooley. Images property of Howard Lau.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert