5 viral moments from Fashion Week you have to see

This spring/summer the runway shows have been fueled, more than ever before, for viral moments promoting brand awareness. With many shows creating marketing stunts and front-row seats covered in outlandish designs, we run through what has been trending. And whether the need for a viral fashion week moment has made us question, is this even fashion? 

#1 Heliot Emil’s ‘Burning Man’ Collection 

There was lots of smoke around Heliot Emil’s “burning man” runway moment, quite literally. Brothers Victor and Julius Juul showed their third collection at Paris Fashion Week with a more dramatic and dystopian collection. The instragrammable show had a professional stuntman in flames while the models changed into oversized garments and menacing pieces.

#2 AVAVAV ‘Fake it till you break it’ Collection 

Beate Karlsson‘s AVAVAV collection went viral across TikTok as the models tripped and stumbled down the runway. Questioning why is fashion always so serious? The designer asked herself what is the most embarrassing thing that could happen. With that in mind, models made it down the runway with bags and heels snapping off. While clothing structures came apart at the seams. 

#3 Simone Rocha ‘Hay Now’ 

viral fashion week moments


Often known for her whimsical and feminine dresses, designer Simone Rocha in a funny play on words showed her subversive spin on raffia. The models took to the catwalk in elegant ballgowns, exaggerated shapes and hay. Yes hay, inspired by her Irish roots and the Celtic harvest festival Lughnasa. 

#4 Kylie Jenner Schiaparelli Gown

viral fashion week moments


It was hard to miss Kylie Jenner as she attended the Petit Palais in Paris wearing a Schiaparelli gown with a life-size faux lion’s head attached to it. Hand sculpted out of foam, the dress sparked controversy among animal rights activists. Accusing the brand of promoting hunting although no lions were harmed in the making of the dress. If you think it couldn’t get more iconic, she was sitting but one to Doja Cat covered head to toe in 30,000 red Swarovski crystals on the front row. 

#5 Sir Ian McKellen for S.S. Daley’s Collection 

viral fashion moments


In the era where you can expect to see celebrities take to the runway, from reality moguls to elite influencers, you may not have expected to see British actor Sir Ian McKellen. In S.S. Daleys AW23 collection, the actor widely known for his part in Lord of the Rings opened the show with a poem wearing a silk sailor’s cap and a navy peacoat. The collection blurs the line between the theatre and the runway. Inspired by Kate Bush’s song The Ninth Wave it nodded to traditional sailor’s uniforms and ocean-inspired colour schemes. 


Written by Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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