DIY Present the Neu Tour with VANT

DIY magazine are making plans for their upcoming The Neu Tour, and it’s set to be something pretty special. DIY decided to get offline and create a cross country tour with three of their favourite bands to triple headline, it will be taking place in 11 different locations up and down the country so take a look to see if they will be heading to a venue near you.

The tour stars three headline acts VANT, Inheaven and Big Moon, each act is tipped for big things so this is one of your last chances to see them up close and personal in small venues. We caught up with VANT to find out more…

Vant and The Neu Tour

Question: How would you describe the VANT sound?

Loud, abrasive, fast and challenging.

Question: Tell us a bit about how the band was formed

It started as a solo project when I wrote a collection of songs around two years ago. I got Henry the guitarist in through a friend I used to work with to record some demos in late 2013, he ended up joining the band soon afterwards. Billy the bass player worked in the kitchen at Birthdays in Dalston when I was a bartender there, we used to play each other punk records while we were setting up and he volunteered his services when I told him I was starting a band. I met our drummer Martin when I was 17 and his band were over from Sweden touring the UK, he was working in Stockholm as a taxi driver last year when I jokingly sent him an e-mail about moving to London to join the band, he called my bluff.

Question: What is your writing and recording process like?

I tend to make a rough demo at home with midi drums and basic parts / structure, then we take it into a rehearsal room and iron out the kinks, finally we have a producer we love and trust called Sam Miller who manages to capture the songs in the way I initially imagined them in my head but couldn’t fully realise on my own.

Question: You’re a new band but you’ve already been played on Radio 1, opened for Royal Blood and been compared to the likes of The Pixies and The Kinks – what do you think has contributed to this success?

Most probably the fact that everyone is desperate for a new guitar band and the likes of Royal Blood and Catfish & The Bottlemen have edged open the door, I guess it’s poised for someone to kick it fully through. I’d like to think people are interested in us because the lyrical content actually has some form of meaning to it, which is something that has been lacking in rock music for a long time.

Question: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Zane Lowe playing us three times in one show was pretty special. Also signing with Parlophone was very surreal and humbling, especially considering their legacy.

Question: What can we expect to see next from VANT?

We will have some new music out within the next couple of months and we plan on trying to get out on the road and play to as many people as possible by the end of the year.

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