Your Winter Skincare Routine | The Ingredients to Know

Unfortunately winter can be cruel to our skin. The cold temperatures combined with wet and windy weather can turn your glowing complexion into quite the opposite. In order to prevent dry, sore and tender skin in the colder months make sure you’re keeping on track with your skincare routine. Your summer vs. winter skincare routine will differ largely, from the ingredients to the intensity of use. So, for all the need to know products, ingredients, tips and tricks for staying silky smooth this winter, take a look at our winter skincare guide.




Unsurprisingly, our number one piece of advice would be to keep your skin hydrated! There’s a wealth of moisturisers and oils on the market but it’s the ingredients you need be looking out for to ensure they’ll quench your dry skin’s thirst.

#1 Hyaluronic Acid

Look for Hyaluronic Acid in the ingredients of your skincare products, like The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors 1 +HA. This moisturiser effectively hydrates your skin with amino acids, glycerin and hyaluronic acids for improved water retention and nourished skin leaving you feeling smooth soft and supple. Use it in the morning on a freshly cleansed face and on an evening before you go to sleep.

#2 Lactic Acid

Another ingredient that works wonders on dry skin is lactic acid. The ingredients used in The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% +HA 2% Superficial Peeling Formulation work to gently exfoliate skin to transform your complexion. Use this as little and often as necessary to reduce rough and dry skin.

#3 B Oil

The Ordinary B Oil is another product on our list of beauty must-haves. The Ordinary B Oil helps to restore a healthy glow to your complexion, boasting a range of nourishing ingredients including purified Micro-Algae, argan, brazil nut and rosehip oil. The formula acts as a natural barrier to defend against damage caused from unfavourable weather and will leave your skin back in its healthy state.




As soon as the temperature dips below 10 degrees, we won’t be leaving the house without our chap stick. You can relate, right? Probably one of the most uncomfortable and unsightly element of suffering in the winter months, chapped lips can be easily treated with a simple skincare routine. First of all, get a scrub on those lips to take off all the dry skin.

#1 Rose Butter

We’d recommend the By Terry Baulme De Rose Lip Scrub, not only for its nourishing rose butter and rose hip oil formula but the sugary-texture melts into delicate skin to gently exfoliate away any dry or flaky skin. Helping to soothe any soreness and replenish vital moisture, the gentle scrub leaves lips hydrated, healthy and super-soft.

#2 Hyaluronic Acid (again!)

Next step is a lip treatment, and we’d suggest opting for the ESPA Nourishing Lip Treatment. The Indian Gentian Leaves help to smooth, while hyaluronic acid and konjac root boost moisture and help minimise the appearance of fine lines.

#3 Beeswax

Alternatively, the EVE LOM Kiss Mix Lip Treatment is a blend of active extracts including moisturising beeswax – a magic ingredient for dry and chapped lips! The treatment repairs damage caused by the weather and environmental aggressors, so for soft, smooth and comfortable lips this is the product for you.

#4 Shea Butter

For the daily upkeep, ensure you’re using a moisturising product on your lips like the REN Vita Mineral Lip Balm. Designed to keep the lips silky soft and hydrated throughout the day, it’s deeply replenishing, the innovative formula soothes and protects whilst combating dry and chapped lips.




Don’t neglect the rest of your body, use creams and oils on your whole body after you get out of the shower or bath to lock in moisture and nourish for a more intense moisturisation. If you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions, you may find that your dry skin can flare up even more than usual so ensure that you’re making extra effort to keep up with your winter skincare routine.

# 1 Vitamin E

Just like our lips, our bodies can also benefit from a body scrub every now and again, and there’s never a better time than when our skin is exposed to winter weather. The NEOM Organics Great Day Body Scrub gently buffs away dead skin cells with its sugar base texture. Made from a mixture of 97% organic ingredients including safflower oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E which work to nourish and soften your skin.

#2 Olive Oil

Olive oil is another ingredient to look out for when choosing your winter skincare products. Penetrating into the deep layers of your skin, it can provide long lasting hydration to keep you feeling soft and supple. A firm favourite with celebrities and influencers alike, Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream truly does what it says on the tin. Working it’s moisturising magic on dry skin, eczema, burns and even stretch marks, this hydrating cream has five essential ingredients, olive oil, honey bee pollen, beeswax, royal jelly and Bee propolis.

#3 Almond Oil

Moisturisers that contain almond oil in their ingredients are perfect for super dry skin that need instant attention for it’s quick absorption properties. That’s why we’d suggest the Aesop Resolute Hydrating Body Balm. The natural plant-based moisturiser is formulated with wheat germ, sweet almond oils and finished off with Shea butter for revitalised and intensely moisturised skin.


Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Writer and expert