Satoyama Jujo, Japan

Surrounded by mountains, forests and rice paddies in Minami-Uonuma is Satoyama Jujo, a 150-year-old inn turned hotel that blends traditional Japanese style with modern design.

2016-11-14 12:05:44By Angharad Jones


Five European Cities to Visit in Winter

From the warmest place you can find, to historical, elegant charm, these are the European cities you need to visit this winter.

2016-11-03 16:20:08By Angharad Jones


Casa Tiny, Oaxaca

Taking inspiration from Henry David Thoreau’s 'Walden', Casa Tiny encourages simple living in Mexico's Puerto Escondido, without compromising on style.

2016-10-31 18:21:56By Angharad Jones


Nakar Hotel, Mallorca

Located in the heart of Palma's shopping district, newly-opened Nakar Hotel seamlessly blends the tradition of a warm Balearic guesthouse with the contemporary style of modern Mallorca.

2016-10-25 11:58:47By Angharad Jones


Whichaway Camp, Antarctica

A luxurious expedition camp in Queen Maud Land, Whichaway Camp offers an experience for travellers like no other.

2016-10-18 10:55:32By Angharad Jones


Nautilus Hotel, Miami

1950s hotspot Nautilus has been brought back to life, playing on its mid-century aesthetic and updated with contemporary details.

2016-10-03 08:41:13By Angharad Jones


Senato Hotel, Milan

Located just a stone’s throw away from the city’s iconic Quarilatero della Moda, Milan’s Senato Hotel offers a home-from-home stay within a private building epitomising the grandeur associated with the Lombard capital.

2016-09-24 17:00:39By Angharad Jones


OFF Paris Seine

OFF Paris Seine is the new (and first) hotel and bar that sits on the river, moored at the foot of Austerlitz station right between the Left and Right banks - giving the traveller the best of the artistic, bohemian nature of the former, and elegance of the latter.

2016-09-03 18:37:01By Angharad Jones


Autonomous Tent, California

American startup Autonomous Tent Co. has taken luxury camping to the next level with the Autonomous Tent. Designed by Harry Gesner, the structure can be raised in just a few days and leave without a trace, whilst still appearing as though a permanent structure.

2016-08-27 22:03:46By Angharad Jones


What to See and Do in Copenhagen

Quieter than the European heavy-hitters like Paris, Rome and Barcelona, Copenhagen still feels like a hidden gem that those in the know still want to keep secret – and won’t leave you feeling like you need another holiday once you’ve left.

2016-08-23 18:00:28By Clare Potts