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A Buyer’s Guide To Baobab Candles & Diffusers

The brand on every interior enthusiasts lips, Baobab’s range of scented candles and diffusers make for the perfect addition to any home. Striking the perfect balance between luxury home fragrance and creative design, Baobab candles are expertly poured by hand in hand-blown glass vases.

Whether you’re looking for your favourite new scent or the perfect gift for a loved one, the Coggles guide to Baobab is here to help…

baobab candles

#1 Baobab Candles

Just like the baobab trees overlooking the African savannah, Baobab candles are known for their size and intricate design. No really, they are HUGE - and they really do provide an extraordinary interior experience for any room.

Described as ‘tales waiting to be discovered’ the Baobab range is extensive; with collections that draw upon inspiration from travel, landscapes and even fashion trends.

#2 What Are The Baobab Best Sellers?

The Platinum

The most iconic model in the Baobab candle range is The Platinum scented candle. The appeal is straight and simple - its precious glass reveals the flames and a dazzling glow, whilst amber and musky scents generate a masculine ambience. The scent is also loved by plenty of famous faces, including the Kardashian family.

Stones Agate

Housed in clear glass and adorned with images inspired by the magic of the Minas Gerais Brazilian stones, this sophisticated and rich scent has notes of Acai Berry and Amber.


A comforting, homely vibe - the delicate Aurum scent has powdery floral notes of jasmine married with a musky backdrop. Yellow gold from the outside and rose gold from the inside, the candle’s flickering flames illuminate your room with a golden glow.

baobab candles - black pearls

Pearls Black

Part of the core collection, the Pearls Black scent is mysteriously seductive with its notes of black rose and fiery ginger. Speckled with flecks of black to mimic the tones of natural pearls, this candle has been designed in collaboration with renowned artistic photographer Peter Lippman.


Part of Baobab’s effort to support the Breast Cancer Foundation, the Women scented candle is housed in a glass printed with a pink feminine symbol and 9-karat yellow gold. A light base that is comforting and familiar, the Women range has a delicate aroma and is perfect for those looking for a more minimal scent.

#3 Where Are Baobab Candles Made?

Germany. The Belgian brand stays true to its values of craftsmanship and excellence by supporting European expertise and craftsmen in all areas.

baobab candles

#4 Baobab Candle Sizes Explained - Baobab Candles Burn Time

Max 10  60 Hours 
Max 16  150 Hours 
Max 24  400 Hours 
Maxi Max  800 Hours 

#5 Baobab Diffusers

Perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, Baobab diffusers contain 500ml of perfume and are rechargeable. The refills contain 500 ml of diffuser liquid.

#6 Where To Buy Baobab Candles


Ciara Martin
Ciara Martin Writer and expert

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