Five of the Best Coffee Table Books

The coffee table book: a source of information, inspiration and a good way of adding a stylistic element to any room that serves more purpose than simply looking good. From design and interiors to architecture, discover five of the best coffee table books below, now available on Coggles.

Elemental Living

elemental living

Contemporary architecture meets the natural world in Elemental Living. Discover the best in modern-day buildings in some of the most interesting natural environments, incorporating their surroundings all while ensuring the least amount of damage: cliff top cabins, rainforest tree houses and mountain retreats among them. Satisfying the desire for clever and design-led approach to architecture as well as a love for travel, this book illustrates 60 of the most inspiring buildings around the world.



Vegetarian, vegan, raw…all buzz words when it comes to clean, healthy eating but when it comes to creating interesting everyday meals it’s a lifestyle that can be difficult to realise. Enter Raw by celebrated Icelandic chef Solla Eiríksdóttir. Featuring 75 recipes, the book covers everything from breakfast and snacks, to lunches, dinners and desserts; think vegan ice cream, pistachio and kale hummus, and quinoa pizza.

Wa: The Essence of Japanese Design


Minimalism, functionalism and endless pared-back style, Japanese design is one of the most distinctive and timeless aesthetics – all of which tie into the Japanese cultural concept Wa, which roughly translates into ‘harmony’. This book explores all aspects of Japanese design – from interiors and lighting, to packaging and everyday objects – as well as how it has influenced the western world.

Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976-1980

punk in print

Nothing defined British subculture in the latter end of the 20th century quite like punk. An extreme shift from the free love, hippy culture that dominated the ‘70s and the swinging ‘60s that came the decade before it, punk was a real sign of rebellion and one that made a real impact in terms of opposition to the political environment at the time. Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976-1980 looks at the artwork, gig posters and flyers that defined the era and have since become iconic and incredibly influential.

Where Chefs Eat

where chefs eat

Guides to restaurants around the world aren’t exactly few and far between, but the people you should really be listening to are the experts: the chefs who come from those chart-topping lists – Noma and Osteria Francescana among them. Where Chefs Eat features more than 3,000 restaurants in 70 countries and sheds light on those little-known but incredible little places to eat.

Words by Angharad Jones. Images courtesy of Phaidon

Angharad Jones

Angharad Jones

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