Dopamine by Dustin Humphrey

A man sat in a junk pile under the sea from 'Dopamine' by Dustin Humphrey.

These images represent a bygone era of surf photography shot by arguably the most prolific photographer of the surfing world; Dustin Humphrey, but you can call him ‘D Hump’.

Nowadays every surfer is a professional photographer on the side, but Dustin was the very first. He took chances and experimented in every way possible to achieve something out of this world.

This series, entitled ‘Dopamine’ and shot in Bali, is one of my personal favourites. Commissioned by Insight51, shot by D Hump and starring pro-surfers, these shots create a new dimension, somewhere that exists both in the air and underwater, running parallel to each other. The still and subdued scenes underwater, from beatnik memorial grounds to upside down living rooms, juxtapose the burst of activity above. The intensity of riding a wave directly contrasts below the water, depicted rather poetically in these shots.

Since these shots were created in 2008, Dustin Humphrey has retired from photography, he is now the mastermind behind The Temple of Enthusiasm, a surf, skate and cycling haven located in the heart of Balinese rice paddies. There’s surfboards, beer on tap, hand carved skateboards and bands playing in the forecourt. They have transformed a previously quiet village into a mecca for surfers, photographers and enthusiasts.

There’s very little information about Dustin Humphrey, but you can find out more about The Temple of Enthusiasm here.

A group of Jamaicans sat under the sea with a surfer on the surface from 'Dopamine' by Dustin Humphrey.

A topless woman riding a motorbike under the sea with a surfer on the surface from 'Dopamine' by Dustin Humphrey.

Four people walking across the sea floor from 'Dopamine' by Dustin Humphrey.

Antique furniture under the sea from 'Dopamine' by Dustin Humphrey.

Images property of Dustin Humphrey

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Sarah Atkinson

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