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COURT Magazine

The back of a basketball player with a towel over his head by COURT Magazine.

There comes a time when older players in any industry or sport have had their time in the spotlight and when the baton must be passed on to a newer, younger, hungrier generation.

For the magazine industry, we are also in a period of generational evolution. While institutionalised magazines are publishing their last ever printed issues, a newer generation of dynamic, independent and distinctly modern magazines are rearing their heads to cater to a new, tasteful breed of consumer.

A basketball player icing his nose by COURT Magazine.

One such publication is COURT magazine, a free bi-annual e-zine that exists exclusively online and focuses its gaze on the world of basketball. Entirely self-funded by UK-based founders and editors Louis Bennett and Callum Green, the project is a collaboration between talented photographers, writers, artists and illustrators dotted around the globe combining to provide a wide-ranging and absorbing exploration of basketball.

However, COURT magazine is not your typical commercial sport magazine; don’t expect to find player stats or free agency rumours here. Instead, COURT provides a three-dimensional landscape of basketball around the world, with stories ranging from grassroots basketball in countries as far-flung as Cuba, to eye-opening insights into the women’s game, and captivatingcult stories from the golden heights of the NBA.

A basketball player stretching on the ground by COURT Magazine.

This eclectic mix of tales is bound together by the publication’s dedication to storytelling and an aesthetically-pleasing platform that serves to underline the outstanding quality of the content. The result? A bold, ambitious magazine catering as much to the casual reader as it does to basketball aficionados.

Go to the COURT magazine website to see more.



Clay heads resembling basketball players by COURT Magazine.
Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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