Boris Bernaskoni’s Villa Mirror Mongayt

The wooden front porch of Boris Bernaskoni's Villa Mirror Mongayt which is inset into the front of the building.

Just outside Moscow is Boris Bernaskoni’s Mirror Mongayt, an eco-friendly villa designed to be both a home and an art installation. Sitting on a reinforced concrete foundation, the villa features a locally sourced prefabricated wooden frame, while the insulation is composed entirely of recycled wool.

Inside the space is vast, with high ceilings, open plan spaces and an abundance of bare wood – but it’s the outside that’s really impressive. The façade is covered in mirror panels, reflecting the building’s surrounding forest and blending both house and nature into one. This concept is typical of Bernaskoni’s work, who in the past has stated: “Today, architecture is interactive and this idea of buildings being able to adapt to their surroundings must be incorporated into their design. Architecture should be able to respond to its environs and the mood of its inhabitants.”

These mirrors, however, are only temporary, with the house designed to ‘shed its skin’ after eight years. At that point, something else will be installed, turning this house and work of art into something else completely. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

To see more of Boris Bernaksoni’s work, visit his website.

The front of Boris Bernaskoni's Villa Mirror Mongayt hidden behind bare trees growing from a snow-covered ground.

The front of Boris Bernaskoni's Villa Mirror Mongayt with snow covering the ground infront.

Words by Angharad Jones. Images property of Vlad Efimov.

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