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Cire Trudon

Add luxury scents to your living space with our wide range of Cire Trudon home fragrances, featuring decorative diffusers and scented candles.

Cire Trudon is one of the oldest candle manufacturers in the world, with it being established in 1643, in Rue Saint Honoré, Paris. What sets this brand apart from others, is its use of high-quality beeswax, which contributes to the candles' exceptional quality and burn time. Cire Trudon has a rich heritage and has supplied the country's most glorious cathedrals, but also the royal court of France until the end of the monarchy, as well as being Napoleon's wax producer during the Empire period.

After 305 years, Cire Trudon is celebrated for its exquisite fragrances that go beyond traditional scents, as the brand collaborates with renowned perfumers to create unique and sophisticated aromas for its candles. In addition to this, each product in their home fragrance range is often presented in distinctive green glass containers.

Whether you're looking to create a certain ambience in the room or a present for a new homeowner, a Cire Trudon diffuser or candle, is the perfect addition to any home.












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