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Malone Souliers

Discover our handpicked favourites from our Malone Souliers shoe collection, featuring iconic styles seen on popular shows such as Emily in Paris and Bridgerton.

Founded in 2014 Malone Souliers is a luxury footwear brand renowned for its handmade craftsmanship, with each pair of shoes crafted by skilled artisans. Featured in every collection, the brand has a feminine and sophisticated aesthetic with signature silhouettes, often featuring pointed toes, curved lines, and intricate strap details.

The Malone Souliers brand embraces bold and innovative designs, reimagining what it means to be 'classic' in this ever-changing world. The brand utilises luxurious materials such as suede, leather, and satin in its shoe designs, creating flawlessly constructed footwear. In addition to this, each pair of Malone Soulier shoes is crafted with zero-waste in mind, so any leftovers are then repurposed into wherever possible.

Invest in power pieces that work hard for your wardrobe with our Malone Souliers range and add some statement yet versatile pieces to your collection.

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