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Arizona Love

Explore our curated collection of Arizona Love, which showcases a variety of signature 'Trekky' sandals. Each pair is adorned with pearls, animal prints, chains, rope, or other unique features.

Founded by Leslie Halfon, Arizona Love has rapidly garnered attention for its unique creations and vibrant use of bandana fabrics. Leslie's inspiration from South-West America is evident in the brand's seamless blend of boho, vintage, and folk influences. The result is a collection of sandals with bold and colourful designs, capturing the essence of the brand's creative spirit.

Crafted with precision in France, Arizona Love sandals embody meticulous attention to detail and a strong focus on quality. These handmade sandals are designed for both comfort and versatility, featuring adjustable straps and cushioned soles.

Indulge in our collection of Arizona Love sandals, where classic trekking silhouettes, platform styles, and flatform variations offer a diverse range of options.

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