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JW Anderson

Discover our curated collection of JW Anderson, filled with accessories which deserve a spot in your wardrobe. From unique bag styles to statement mules, each piece is trusted to lift any look.

Founded by Jonathan Anderson, JW Anderson has become a brand known for its progressive and androgynous designs, challenging traditional gender norms in fashion. Apart from the iconic "Pierce Bag," JW Anderson has introduced other distinctive pieces that have become signature to the brand.

Throughout each JW Anderson collection, the brand embodies an avant-garde and experimental aesthetic with its designs. Often they are characterised by unique silhouettes, asymmetry, and play with proportions, whilst incorporating bold and unconventional materials. Each time pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion norms.

Whether you're looking to add impactful footwear to your outfits or add investment bags to your collection, our JW Anderson collection includes unexpected details, contributing to its recognisable aesthetic.

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