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How to Style Your Co-Ord Sets

When it comes to easy styling, co-ord sets for men and women are the go-to wardrobe essentials you need for every season. From knitted co-ords to denim co-ords, these sets have evolved throughout recent years and have become versatile staples for a variety of occasions. 

Explore the nuances of styling co-ord sets with expert advice from our buying team, unlocking the secrets to crafting on-trend looks for this season. From mixing and matching pieces to elevating the set for an evening attire, we'll equip you with our top tips to elevate your co-ord sets for this season ahead. 


What are Co-Ord Sets? 

Co-ord sets, short for coordinated sets, are matching outfits consisting of two or more pieces designed to be worn together. These sets typically comprise a top and bottom that feature complementary patterns, colours, or fabrics, creating a cohesive and stylish look. Co-ords offer a convenient and effortless way to achieve a polished ensemble without the hassle of mixing and matching separates. From casual loungewear to formal attire, co-ord sets come in a variety of styles, making them versatile additions to any wardrobe. 

What are the Advantages of Wearing Co-Ord Sets? 

#1 Versatility 

Despite being a matching set, they often come in versatile styles that can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your wardrobe, extending their wearability. You can wear the pieces together for a coordinated look or mix and match them with other items in your wardrobe to create various outfits. This versatility makes these suitable for different occasions, whether it’s a trouser co-ord for a business meeting, a two-piece loungewear set for a casual outing, or a skirt co-ord for a night out with friends. 

#2 Time Saving 

Co-ord sets take the guesswork out of coordinating an outfit. Since the pieces are already matched, they can save you time in the morning or when getting ready for an event. You don't have to spend time mixing and matching separate pieces. 

#3 Efficient Packing 

For those who frequently travel or have packed schedules, co-ord sets offer the advantage of minimalistic and efficient packing. By choosing a few in versatile colours and styles, you can create a range of outfits without overloading your luggage. Co-ords also take up less space compared to separate garments, allowing you to pack more efficiently and make the most of limited suitcase space. 

#4 Minimal Styling Required 

Co-ord sets offer the advantage of requiring minimal styling due to their inherent matching nature. Since the pieces are designed to complement each other perfectly, there's no need to spend time and effort coordinating separate items. Additionally, co-ord sets create a cohesive silhouette, due to them often being designed to complement each other.  

Can They be Worn in Different Seasons? 

Co-ord sets are versatile wardrobe staples that can be effortlessly adapted to different seasons. During the warmer months, lightweight and breathable sets made from materials like cotton or linen offer comfort and style. Pair them with sandals or trainers for a casual summer look or dress them up with wedges for a more elevated ensemble.  

In the colder seasons, opt for sets crafted from thicker fabrics such as wool-blend or cashmere, and layer them with coats, jackets, or jumpers for added warmth. Additionally, accessorising with scarves, hats, and boots can help transition your co-ord sets seamlessly from one season to another. 

5 Ways to Style Your Co-Ord Set 

#1 Matching Set 

For a cohesive and effortless look, you can style your co-ord set as a matching ensemble, making sure the pieces complement each other seamlessly. 

Stine Goya Co Ord Set

#2 Mix and Match 

Experiment with mixing and matching different co-ord sets to create unique and personalised outfits that reflect your individual style. 

Percival Co-ord Set

#3 Colour Block 

Incorporate colour blocking techniques by pairing your co-ord set with contrasting hues or bold accents. 

Stine Goya Co-ord Set

#4 Evening Attire 

Elevate your co-ord set for evening occasions by accessorising with statement jewellery, high heels, and a clutch, adding essential pieces to aid your evening look. 

Sleeper Co Ord Set

#5 Everyday Comfort 

Embrace comfort and practicality by styling your co-ord set with casual footwear such as sandals or trainers and minimal accessories, perfect for everyday wear without compromising on style. 



Hannah Needham
Hannah Needham Writer and expert

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