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The Cube Houses, Rotterdam

A view of the sky above the cube houses in Rotterdam.

Blom’s idea behind these houses was to create an urban village; each house represents a tree, with all of them together becoming a ‘forest’. With an asymmetrical design, the cubes are tilted and sit on hexagon-shaped pole structures, giving that tree-like appearance.

Visit one of the cube houses in Rotterdam, and experience a stay in the Nertherlands’ second-largest city like no other. Situated in the centre of Rotterdam, this striking environment is the perfect base for exploring the city. Split into three levels, bright white walls make up the interior of the house, complementing the modern, cutting-edge architecture. Soft, colourful furnishings and dark woods provide a contrast to the starkness, whilst still adhering to the clean and simple aesthetic.

Sloping windows throughout the house give great views over the city and surrounding area. Head to the top-floor peaceful oasis where windows line every wall – perfect for relaxing, looking out to the old harbour, or watching the world go by.

For more information, visit the Cube House page on Airbnb.

The cube houses in Rotterdam.A living area inside one of the cube houses in Rotterdam.A living area inside one of the cube houses in Rotterdam.A dining table inside one of the cube houses in Rotterdam.
Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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