Happiness Brewery

A still from 'Happiness Brewery'.

Happiness Factory is the art & design studio of the blog Happiness is a Beginning, created this year by three friends, Florian, Tristan and Gille. Their latest project – the Happiness Brewery – shares the emotions that people send them, materialised in the form of small empty bottles containing a personalised label. It’s up to each person what they choose to fill the bottle with, whether it be perfume or another physical substance. The idea is to always keep it unique. A simple concept, but a striking one.

The trio aren’t looking to profit from the bottles, but anyone who would like a bottle making for themselves can send in their own experiences to be produced. Each label is selected based on the story’s intimate and emotional potential, ensuring it encompasses the kind of happy energy that others can identify with. Described by the trio as a ‘love-share’ project, we can certainly identify with a longing to ‘bottle’ certain moments.

A gif from 'Happiness Brewery'.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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