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The 2017 Interior Trend you need to Know

The new year brings with it new opportunities, new seasons, new designs and of course, new trends. When it comes to interiors for 2017, marble and copper are definitely out, with this year’s most promising trend being green. With 2016’s interiors being taken over by plants and Pantone’s colour of the year being ‘greenery’ it comes as no surprise that this colour has become the must-have. For 2017, choose forest greens and emeralds for rich, classic shades; discover our best ways to incorporate green into a space below.

Decorate with Plants

Plants have definitely overtaken flowers when it comes to adding natural elements into a home. Tending to be lower maintenance and longer lasting, they’re a better investment, plus it’s a more subtle way to fill a space. Use different plants and vases throughout your home to create variation.

Image property of Historiska Hem
Use it on Walls

This antique green colour on the walls has an almost grey tint to it, making it a classic shade that won’t date. Pairing it with white and grey tones makes the colour a focal point, without it being overbearing.

Add Green Furniture

Use small pieces of furniture like side tables and chairs to add green into a room without having to fully commit to the colour.

Image property of Jules Villbrandt
Add Green Accessories

Home accessories are the perfect way to add a hint of green to a space and allow the look to be more interchangeable. Use different shades of green for a versatile feature or stick to bottle greens for classic additions.

green accessories interiors
Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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