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Copenhagen Fashion Week: Meet the Danes

meet the danes green sofa

When Denmark does style it isn't limited to just one element but a combination of many, building up a rounded lifestyle of which style becomes a daily part, but not excessively so. It's about fashion, yes, but also interiors and architecture, food (one need only look to New Nordic cuisine) and even mode of transport (hordes of cyclists have never looked so good).

meet the danes anne vest

They all come hand in hand seamlessly, which became evident at the Meet the Danes event on the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week AW17. We were greeted by paper pendant lighting, guiding the way through a corridor of all the best Denmark has to offer: mustard velvet sofas and armchairs, oversized jewellery, effortlessly cool clothing and natural skincare.

meet the danes pendant lighting

The products came from names new and established, with Danish favourite Menu leading the way in the interior front with pendant bulb lighting and sleek glassware. In short, it was a snapshot into stylish Danish life, and one we'd happily get on board with.

meet the danes menu lightingmeet the danes menu


Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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