Tiny Cloud by Richard Clarkson

Blurring the lines between art and technology, Tiny Cloud brings a little bit of drama into your home with lighting and sound that mimics that of a thundercloud. With the ability to switch it to a light, speaker or both, this piece of technology can still be enjoyed if you need a break from the thunder.

2015-06-02 18:02:52By Angharad Jones


Daniel Rozin

Daniel Rozin is an interactive artist who acts as an educator and developer in his field. Creating a series of installations and sculptures which respond and adapt in response to the behaviour of the person viewing them, his project 'Angles Mirror' is absolutely fascinating.

2014-06-03 18:20:15By Olivia Cooley


Flat Life by Finn Magee

Blurring the lines between 2D and 3D, real and realistic, practical and impractical; Finn Magee has created this series of 'Flat Life' for Areaware creating functional images of lights, speakers and alarm clocks.

2014-06-03 12:31:31By Clare Potts


Crystal Clear Sound from the Transparent Speaker

Speakers are not always the most aesthetically pleasing products on the market, but People People have come up with the ideal solution, a transparent speaker that blends seamlessly into your interior design.

2014-06-02 17:59:13By Clare Potts


Bio 50 Engine Block

Created by Re-Do Studio alongside Ricardo Carneiro and Antoine Monnet, the Engine Block is intended to open up a world of opportunities for motor tools and vehicles. The block is an interchangeable engine, powering a series of different products from a motorbike to a boat motor.

2014-05-02 17:55:29By Clare Potts


The Drinkable Book

Creativity and science, contrary to popular opinion, often go hand in hand. Certainly, this is where many of the best inventions succeed and The Drinkable Book does both brilliantly.

2013-06-09 11:27:36By Olivia Cooley


Gravity Tablet

Students from the Royal College of Art have invented a virtual reality tool that allows designers to sketch in three dimensions. Consisting of a tablet and stylus, the 'Gravity' Tablet can link to any augmented reality headset and allows any user to draw in 3D without a screen or computer.

2013-06-03 17:50:24By Olivia Cooley


Reading My Body

It's his latest project however that we find particularly fascinating, 'Reading My Body'. A sound controller that uses a tattoo as a musical score, it is in essence a musical hybrid. We're not fully convinced as to whether its going to overtake the violin any time soon, but an interesting concept all the same.

2013-06-03 17:41:02By Olivia Cooley


Lytro Illum Camera

The new Lytro Illum camera has a couple of tricks up its rhetorical sleeve which helps it stand out from the competition. The second version of the light field camera, it may look traditional in shape but allows users to refocus after capture - effectively making blurred photos a thing of the past.

2013-05-10 17:34:57By Clare Potts


Kuka the Fastest Robot

Take a relatively simple game of Ping Pong, introduce a state of the art robot to the game and pit them against a World champion player, let’s see what happens.

2013-04-09 11:07:00By Clare Potts