The Humans of New York

An aged hand holding a wedding photograph from Humans of New York.

Created by Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York represents the real people of NYC. The chic, city slickers that are represented on the big screen are gone, replaced with the everyday residents of the city.

Alongside the realistic representation of the citizens is a heartfelt insight into their story. Brandon asks each person questions to understand more about them, their life and their relationship with New York. From the homeless to businessmen, wannabe zombies to school kids, for a moment we are involved in their lives, worries and aspirations.

An intriguing, insightful and honest look into the lives of the humans that reside in the city that never sleeps.

To find out more and to see the humans of New York, visit the website here.

A woman sat on a bench holding a book from Humans of New York.

An old couple leaning against each other on a park bench from Humans of New York.

Words by Clare Potts. Images property of Brandon Stanton.

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