Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes Lifestyle Set 5 x 5ml


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    Enjoy five sublime scents with this discovery set of beautifully-blended mini fragrances from Laboratory Perfumes. Encased in a sleek green gift box, the Lifestyle Set gives you five options of olfactory bliss to suit your mood. Can be worn solo or even layered for a customised scent.

    The Set Contains:

    Amber Eau de Toilette (5ml)
    Bursting open with a lively and energising introduction of fresh citrus, Amber has been expertly blended to follow the wearer through their day, mellowing as the hours pass. Bright, effervescent hues of spiced greenery that capture the spirited energy of morning slowly unfurl, making way for a dynamic burst of herbaceous florals, before maturing into a subdued backdrop of warm, earthy, balsamic notes as the evening draws in. The opening fuses fragrant citruses like Lemon and Bergamot, laced with the pungent bite of Black Pepper and piney nuances of Juniper. At the heart, a bouquet of Lavender and Jasmine soften the zing of the fragrance’s zesty launch, bringing balance with a melancholic trail of heady, powdery flowers. As night falls, the EDT evolves slowly, cloaking the wearer in a balmy haze of Ambergris; a rich, woody warmth supported by Leather, Oakmoss and Musks.

    Gorse Eau de Toilette (5ml)
    Clean and smooth, the fragrance opens with crisp, fresh notes of Citrus, mingling sumptuously with aromas of Ginger, Cardamom and Coconut. Envision the sun delicately kissing your skin as you wander through gorse bushes in Provence, the vibrant yellow of the flowers encouraging thoughts of adventure and new experiences. The velvety petals caress your hands as you make your way towards the beach, the sand warm beneath your feet. The sun sets into heart notes of Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and Lily of the Valley, offering a delicate vulnerability to the fragrance. The floral scents mingle together deliciously with the spiciness of the top notes, creating a decadent cocktail that is destined to conjure adventurous summer images. The coast of Provence calls to you as base notes of creamy Musk are entangled with Amber, allowing you to picture the shock of the cold ocean water on your toes, as you make your way down the shore.

    Samphire Eau de Toilette (5ml)
    Sunday afternoons kissed with salt air, Samphire is a cool breeze in a coastal town. It’s an artful blend of citrus Lemon and Lime oils melding with Juniper Berry’s clean spice. This seeps into aromatic Basil, herbaceous Rosemary and soothing Lavender while Verbena mingles with the depth of Oak Moss and Amber at the fragrance’s base. Fresh, green, and aquatic, the perfume breathes new life into your olfactory wardrobe.

    Tonka Eau de Toilette (5ml)
    Inspired by nature and travel Laboratory’s genderless scent creations are designed to evolve on the skin throughout the day, to match the wearer’s mood and emotions. Created utilising environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients; each fragrance is skin-kind, free from parabens and phthalates. Tonka is a unisex fragrance that captures the energetic appeal of Mandarin and sparkling Pink Peppercorn, wrapped in a woody aromatics and creamy Peruvian Tonka bean. A sensual base of Vanilla and Tobacco provides a captivating earthiness, binding the fragrance together.

    Atlas Eau de Toilette (5ml)
    Express your intriguing side with Atlas. This fragrance is the very essence of wonder, inspired by the warm, inviting aura of Morocco. Intricate layers whisk the wearer on an exotic journey. Leather is rich and earthy, succumbing to the sultry pull of Rum and crackling Cinnamon. Nestled in a bed of spiced opulence, Ginger and Cognac impart an aromatic, woody accord that burns like a scorching sunset. The EDT is softened by sweet notes of Vanilla and Hay; they bring balance to a complex, tobacco-centric sillage. Stirring nostalgic memories of childhood past, this fragrance wraps your senses in a cloud of luxury and comfort.