ESPA Positivity Pulse Point Oil 9ml


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    Discover the mood-lifting capacity of aromatherapy with natural skincare and premium beauty brand ESPA’s Positivity Pulse Point Rollerball; a luxurious and fragrant blend of botanical oils that offer a ‘pick-me-up’ through olfactory relief.

    Encapsulated in an easy-to-use, portable tube, topped with a roller-ball applicator, the aromatic oil strives to inspire an air of positivity, wherever and whenever you need a reinvigorating boost. Marrying citrusy notes of Orange Peel and Bergamot with floral accents of Jasmine essential oil, the formula stimulates the senses with its energising and uplifting aroma, offering an instant reprieve from life's daily stresses.

    Simply glide over your pulse points and breathe in the naturally-derived fragrance to relax and unwind.