Assouline: Havana Blues


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    Crumbling pastel-colored facades line its streets, parked vintage cars evoke times past, live music permeates the  air. Welcome to Havana, home to an overwhelming energy. Situated along the Straits of Florida, the capital of Cuba  has been through several identities: Spanish colonial settlement, mobster rule in the 1930s, glamour of the 1950s,  Cuban revolution and, most recently, a cultural renaissance. Havana’s bold, provocative approach to art, cuisine and  entertainment—as well as the eclectic blend of African, French, Spanish and North American influences—including  its range of architecture styles from the sixteenth century to the modern day, confer this epic city with a legendary  status on par with the world’s greatest cities. While some of the building are in disrepair, the beauty of the baroque,  neoclassical and art deco features triumphs. The iconic Copa Room cabaret that hosted Ginger Rogers and Abbott  and Costello still stands. The Gran Teatro de la Habana, built in the early twentieth century, is now home to the  Cuban National Ballet. Habana Vieja is undergoing a massive restoration to its former glory. Havana could be seen  as a work-in-progress, but it is more a testament to its never-ending determination to improve and progress, which  might be the allure that attracts so many visitors. So take a seat at an authentic paladar (family-run restaurant) and  enjoy the vibrant evolution of Havana.

    Pamela Ruiz came to Cuba in the 1990s and fell in love, both with the country and her husband, Cuban artist Damian  Aquiles. Formerly a location scout for photography shoots, she soon began to turn her attention to art, specifically  bridging the international art world and Cuba.

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