Baobab Collection Max - Nirvana Bliss (Various Sizes)

Notes: Citrus, Neroli, Vetiver.

Promote a lively atmosphere with Baobab’s Nirvana Bliss scented candle. The hand-poured candle resides in a delicately-embellished jar, adorned with warmly-coloured swirls and patterns. The decorations evoke visions of simmering, molten lava, instantly encouraging a cosy, homely aura wherever it is placed. Lighting the wick releases an intoxicating scent, studded with notes of alluring, juicy citrus.

Allow your senses to be enlivened by the crisp, refreshing aromas, while smooth neroli and potent vetiver contrast pleasantly. Images of sun-kissed greenery are summoned, inviting you to daydream of brightly-coloured meadows, filled with hopeful flowers and fruit trees. The flamboyant candle is the ideal centrepiece for any coffee table or mantlepiece.

Approximate burn times by size:
Max 10: 60 hours
Max 16: 150 hours
Max 24: 400 hours
Max 35: 800 hours