Britain’s New Michelin-Starred Restaurants

The beginning of October brought with it the publication of the Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2017, showcasing both the newcomers and long-standing establishments to gain – and retain – those coveted Michelin stars.

2016-10-06 17:46:45By Angharad Jones


How to Make the Perfect Madeleines

Madeleines have that instantly-recognisable shell-like shape are light, buttery and have a distinguishable moist middle and crisp edge.

2016-09-27 17:57:07By Angharad Jones


Where to Eat in Milan

Despite being a city of workers, business and technological innovation, the Milanese know when to log off and enjoy a bite to eat - whether it's during the city's much-celebrated aperitivo, at an age-old cafe, or contemporary restaurant.

2016-09-24 11:37:13By Angharad Jones


Väkst, Copenhagen

Designed as though a secret garden in Copenhagen, Väkst is a contemporary Nordic yet rustic restaurant in the heart of the city.

2016-09-03 18:36:39By Angharad Jones


Italian Almond Ricotta Cake

This recipe takes the original and modernises it, using a few shortcuts for an easier method (no egg whites require whipping, for example) and adding flour to give it a lighter, more cake-like texture.

2016-09-03 18:36:16By Angharad Jones


The Best Brunch Spots in Notting Hill

The neighbourhood made world-famous by Hugh Grant, his blue front door and travel bookshop is now renowned as much for its cafés, restaurants and foodie-friendly status as it is for the antiques and second-hand clothes for sale at Portobello Market. With brunch now a weekend institution, these are the best places you can enjoy it in Notting Hill.

2016-08-27 22:00:05By Angharad Jones


Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

We know how important Sundays are and we wanted to share one of our favourite autumnal cocktail recipes with you to complete your day. Found on food blog Honestly Yum, this classic Manhattan cocktail recipe is a firm favourite to enjoy in moderation on a Sunday night.

2016-08-26 17:47:58By Andrew Douse


Five Swedish Recipes for Summer

In celebration of Midsummer, we’ve picked five of our favourite Swedish recipes for summer from Gothenburg-based food blog Dagmar’s Kitchen.

2016-08-22 18:00:06By Angharad Jones


London's Best Rooftop Bars

With outdoor space often hard to find in the capital, sometimes the only way to look is up – plus you can’t beat those dramatic views across London’s skyline.

2016-08-22 10:05:18By Angharad Jones


Three of Rio de Janeiro's Best Restaurants

From the country’s native flavours to introductions from the Portuguese, Italians, Spanish, Germans, Polish, Africans and later, Japanese, Brazil’s food offering takes influences from all over the world.

2016-08-19 11:32:45By Angharad Jones