P.E Nation: The Australian Brand Shaping Activewear

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You only need to look around to see the impact of athleisure. No longer are gym leggings confined to the changing rooms and the flashing of a sports bra scoffed at in distaste, rather this is a style that’s gained a category all of its own and is very much worn (and celebrated) on the streets. After all, there’s no better way to let people know you’ve just done a hot yoga class than through your outfit.

And why not? If style, fashion and design play a part in all other aspects of your life then there’s no reason to fall short when it comes to working out – and if you’ve got an outfit that will fit in with your busy lifestyle and take you from brunch to exercise class, all the better.

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In steps P.E Nation, the Sydney brand leading the way in urban streetwear meets activewear; a brand that’s gained a cult, global following despite having only been around since 2015. You may attribute this to founder Pip Edwards, who as the Sydney Morning Herald described, has “successfully transitioned from fashionable social fixture to fully-fledged designer” (she’s amassed a cool 101K followers on Instagram) and has gained invaluable experience from fellow Australian brands Ksubi, sass & bad and General Pants Co since starting her career.

Or you may attribute this to her dynamic relationship with co-founder Claire Tregoning, whose own experience as Senior Designer at sass & bide is invaluable, and whose ideas and outlooks on clothing mirror that of Edwards’. Together, the pair have created an activewear brand that slots into their lifestyles (active mothers, fitness fiends and sportswear aficionados), taking inspiration from the runways, art and music.

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The result is a range of clothing that is functional with high-performance at its core, but it’s also retro-inspired, bright and bold. In Edwards’ own words, “P.E Nation has a very strong confident tomboy aesthetic. It has a nostalgic feel to it, in a retro kind of way, yet it is still modern with its current street influence. You can wear it from the gym and then on to the street and get on with your day, without feeling like you’re in gym gear.”

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It’s a formula that’s working, is entirely unique and has left us wondering why P.E Nation hasn’t happened sooner. Either way, you can get your slice of the pie at Coggles; shop the full collection here.

Words by Angharad Jones

Angharad Jones

Angharad Jones

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