Your Guide to our Top 5 Athleisure Brands

Coggles' Sportswear Edit helps you discover the brands that will effortlessly transform you from gym to street, without compromising on function.

2017-10-05 13:42:42By Angharad Jones


An Ode to the Polo Shirt

‘Sexy’ and ‘exciting’ may not be the first words that come to mind when one thinks of the humble polo shirt but it’s high time that changes.

2017-09-27 11:53:26By Angharad Jones


How to Choose your Perfect Sports Bra

A key component of nailing the luxe-athleisure trend is finding a sports bra that not only compliments the rest of your ensemble, but also utilises technical fabrics and ergonomic design to ensure optimum sporting performance can be achieved. Coggles discuss everything ‘sports bra’ – from fit, to fashion, to function.

2017-09-26 09:34:27By Angharad Jones


Interview: Talking Activewear with LNDR

Activewear: it’s come a long way from your basic leggings and sports bra. We sat down with London-based brand LNDR about how they're approaching the fitness market a little differently.

2017-09-25 12:20:11By Angharad Jones


An Interview with Ilana Kugel, Founder of Koral

Ilana Kugel talks to us about her design inspiration, go-to fitness routine, and what makes Koral activewear stand out amongst the rest.

2017-09-22 16:27:28By Angharad Jones


An Interview with VEJA: The Ethical Trainer Brand

The VEJA team talks to us about sustainable footwear, design inspiration and the balance between the ecological and high-fashion worlds.

2017-09-22 11:04:52By Angharad Jones


The Maximalist Fashion Trend

In an age of downsizing, one pot recipes, and ‘the art of decluttering’ we are adding more and more to our everyday look. Discover this season's bold maximalist fashion trend.

2017-09-22 10:15:18By Angharad Jones


How Alexandre Mattiussi Is Shaping Modern French Menswear

The Parisian designer is perfecting those wardrobe staples you'll want to revisit time and again. Here's why Alexandre Mattiussi is the name to know.

2017-09-21 12:46:44By Angharad Jones


The European Trainer Brands You Need to Know

From the Italian sports label enjoying a resurgence, to the French duo making environmentally-friendly footwear cool, these are the European trainer brands you need to know.

2017-09-19 12:35:18By Angharad Jones


The Best British Womenswear Brands

The number of brands doing great things for fashion is endless, but these are best British womenswear brands you currently need on your radar.

2017-09-13 16:37:48By Angharad Jones