• 凡在 01/02/2021 – 28/02/2021 (包括28日,中国时间) 期间,在Coggles.com网站下单并寄往中国内地的顾客,按照相关法律法规缴纳相应税金的,可以领取以账户信用积分形式的全额退税(退税金额不高于£30);

• 我们建议顾客确保订单的收货人姓名和您身份证ID上的姓名一致,以保证清关顺利;

• 联系Coggles官网客服时,请您出具海关完税证明、订单编号、订单日期和金额;

• 账户信用积分于添加当日生效,有效期至30/04/2021中国时间;

• 本活动仅限于个人顾客,用户网站注册账号,收件人和缴税人的姓名必须一致才可申请账户信用积分。第三方购买平台或下单平台不参与本次活动。

• Coggles.com有权在任何时刻决定暂停或停止此次活动。


• During 01/02/2021 – 28/02/2021 (including 28th, China time) customers who place an order on, shipping to Mainland China and pay according duty can apply for a credit amount of custom duty (refund amount no more than £30). Duty refund will be credit applied to the customer's account.

• Customers are suggested to make sure the name on the parcel is consistent with their ID to avoid any problems in paying tax.

• Please provide your custom duty clearance proof as well as your order number, order created date and the total cost of the order while contacting Coggles' customer service department.

• All credit can be used from the day it is issued and expires on 30/04/2021 China time.

• This activity is for individual customers only. Parcel receiver, Custom tax payer and account name should be consistent while applying for credits. Third-party platforms are not included in the activity.

• reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.