Scientia Dawn Elixir Active Oil Blend


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Rejuvenated. Radiant. Energised. Our (glowy) little secret…? We wake up with Dawn Elixir! 100% natural, supercharged active oil blend, glow enhancing vitamins A, C & E, and antioxidants banish dullness, boost radiance, hydrate tired skin, and restore balance, whilst also protecting from free radicals.

Formulated using 23 natural oils from all over the globe, made for skin but good for your mind, aromatherapeutic Fennel boosts courage and confidence, Pink Pepper Seed invigorates and Ginger awakens and energises.

50ml - Glass Bottle / Recyclable Packaging

Targets: dull, tired skin that needs to glow

Key Actives: Rosehip. Avocado. Baobab. Moringa.

Results: Rebalance, revitalise, rejuvenate, renew

Rebalance. Revitalise. Rejuvenate. Renew. Suitable for sensitive skin, supercharged with 23 globally and ethically sourced, cruelty free and vegan oils, wake up to a daily dose of glow…

Formulated using 23 natural oils from all over the globe, our founder Tiffany searched high and low to hunt down the very best Mother Nature has to offer, making sure this oil benefits the skin and the mind.

How To: Drop. Press (don’t rub) 3-4 drops in the palm of your hand. Inhale. Take a moment for you - cup hands over your nose and face and take three deep breaths. Apply. Press the oil onto your face and massage in a gentle upward motion. Awaken. This bit is easy - let’s glow!