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Nourish and pamper your entire body with the Mama Mio Bloomin Lovely gift set. Boasting a selection of nurturing creams that help to ease tension, soreness and discomfort, the individual formulas are created specifically to soothe and calm stressed skin over the course of your pregnancy. Expect soft, smooth and comfortable results.

The Set Contains:

Pregnancy Boob Tube (100ml)
Soothe the discomfort of growing boobs with this expert breast cream. Intensely nourishing and hydrating, the expert formula is designed specifically to promote an increase in skin elasticity and moisture while protecting growing boobs from the appearance of stretch marks. Boob Tube comes packed full of natural plant-based actives, which help to calm sore areas of the skin as it nurtures and conditions. Squalene protects against dryness while Aloe Vera and Cabbage Leaf Extract help to alleviate discomfort. Shea Butter releases anti-inflammatory properties, thoroughly moisturising the skin to leave your breasts feeling soft* and comfortable.

95% of mamas agreed that skin felt relieved and refreshed and would recommend to fellow mamas.* 

Tummy Rub Butter (120ml)
Ensuring you don’t slack on pampering during your pregnancy, this award-winning tummy butter allows you to enjoy silky-smooth, buttery-soft skin that’s resilient and can withstand stretch marks as your bump develops. Clinically-proven to preserve and maintain your skin’s elasticity, the rich formula smooths over the skin, replenishing intense moisture and delivering optimal protection with a host of powerful, natural ingredients. Mama Mio’s unique Omega Rich Skin Stretch Complex - a unique blend of oils derived from Avocado, Inchi and Argan – helps keep your skin elastic during nine months of stretching. Jam-packed with omega (3,6 and 9) fatty acids and antioxidant benefits naturally-derived from plant-based actives, the thick-textured moisturiser melts rapidly into skin without leaving it sticky or greasy. Organic Oils (Argan, Coconut and Avocado) with Shea Butter to protect your tummy, boobs, hips and thighs from stretch marks and itching, and antioxidant Vitamin E to intensely moisturise.

98% of mamas agreed skin felt supple and more elastic and would recommend to their fellow mamas*

Lucky Legs Cooling Gel (100ml)
Cool, soothe and refresh your tired legs with this intensely hydrating leg lotion. Harnessing the power of nature, the formula is charged by a botanical blend to target and reduce puffiness in legs, feet and ankles. Aloe Vera and Shea Butter work to soothe, calm and moisturise, while Menthol Crystals help to cool and refresh irritated skin. Vitamin E enriches the formula with antioxidant power, defending it against environmental aggressors which can cause inflammation. Formulated with a unique Omega Rich Skin Stretch Complex, the cream helps to keep skin elastic and supple, reducing the lasting damage caused by the 9 months stretch. 

Megamama Shower Milk (50ml)
Enriched with the brand’s special Omega Rich Skin Stretch Complex, your body will benefit from a blend of skin-loving oils including Argan, Inchi and Avocado, a trio rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9. Helping to condition, hydrate and support your skin through those incredible yet challenging nine months, the oils keep your skin feeling its best. Expect results that a smoother, softer and more supple than before from the top of your head all the way to the tips of your toes. Added Sweet Almond Oil has a soothing effect, helping to calm irritation for a long-lasting feeling of comfort. This makes the shower milk suitable even for those with sensitive skin types that are prone to discomfort. Vitamin E offers additional protection against environmental aggressors thanks to its rich quantity of antioxidants, which work to shield your body from unwanted damage.