Culti The Stile Classic Reed Diffuser - 250ml


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Fragrance your home with the exotic Thé Stile Classic Reed Diffuser from luxury Italian brand Culti. Inspired by the ancient Japanese tea ceremony, the Thé diffuser blends a sophisticated combination of Bergamot, Japanese green Sencha tea and guaiacum wood for an evocative, warming home scent. Housed within a stunning tinted glass vessel, the diffuser is housed within a frosted, minimalist glass vessel and includes a set of rattan reeds.

Switching the reeds. The frequency with which the reeds need to be switched, determines the intensity of the fragrance, the more they are being switched, the stronger the fragrance will be. To moderate the fragrance’s diffusion, you may overturn only few reeds at a time.

The duration of the fragrance. The dimensions of the space, the high temperature, the direct sunlight, the exposure to air currents are factors that can accelerate the evaporation and therefore reduce the duration of the fragrance. Position the diffuser away from light, heat sources and currents and evaluate the format of the diffuser according to the appropriate size of the space.

Suggestions for an endless fragrance. In order to prolong the duration and reduce the evaporation of the fragrance, it is recommended to keep the liquid in the bottle at the level of the curve. It will be sufficient to purchase a refill of the same fragrance and to pour it frequently into the bottle.


  • Culti Thé Decor Classic Reed Diffuser - 250ml
  • Handmade in Italy   
  • Fragrance notes: bergamot, Japanese green Sencha tea and guaiacum wood
  • Presented in a frosted, minimalist glass vessel with rattan reeds
  • Gift-boxed
  • Lasts for up to 3 months


  • Volume: 250ml  

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