Bolin Webb

Bolin Webb R1-S 3000 Razor and Razor Case - Blue


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Maintaining the same unrivalled R1-S performance, the Bolin Webb R1-S 3000 Razor and Razor Case is a stand-out combination, that offers both functionality and sophistication. The sleek metallic blue shade is inspired by the world of automotive colours, a reference to the iconic Austin Healey with its striking blue side panel and elegant curve.

Designed in the UK with ergonomics in mind, the razor boasts superior handling, and tipped with a Gillette Mach3 blade for a close and smooth shave.  The unique curved handle and tactile grip allow for precision shaving at any angle, perfect for wet shaving. Elite and distinctive, the razor is accompanied by the award winning silicone razor case, for hygiene, safety and style.