Baobab Collection Max - Stones Agate (Various Sizes)

Notes: Acai Berry, Amber.

Create a soft, mystical ambience with the Baobab Max Stones Agate scented candle. Carefully crafted to bring forth its tempting aroma, the fragrance lends opulence to any living space.

Spiced Bergamot opens the trail, setting a citrusy tone. Acai Berry is light and sweet, recalling a fruity impression that glimmers with effervescence. To offset the sparkle, Amber engulfs the fragrance in heat. This oriental note embraces spicy, warm facets that slip through like molten metal.

The candle is housed in clear glass, adorned with images inspired by the magic of the Minas Gerais Brazilian stones. Rich and enigmatic, this Baobab candle is a classic, sophisticated fragrance to enhance all interiors.

Approximate burn times by size:
Max 10: 60 hours
Max 16: 150 hours
Max 24: 400 hours
Max 35: 800 hours