Avant Skincare Profusion Algae Revitalising and Firming Anti-Pollution Day Cream 50ml


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Keep your skin safe and nourished with the Avant Skincare Profusion Algae Revitalising & Firming Anti-Pollution Day Cream. Providing a daily defence, the lotion uses a potent antioxidant blend to safeguard the skin from harmful environmental aggressors, such as pollution and UV rays, which can dry out and prematurely age the complexion.

Formulated with Euglena Gracilis, the formula also has anti-ageing potential, toning and firming the skin for a revitalised appearance. Enriched with the sacred skincare ingredient, Ceramide, the lotion strives to strengthen the skin’s natural barriers, supporting its natural regenerative processes. Packed with essential fatty acids and vital vitamins, Ceramide reinforces the precious moisture seal, helping the skin to hold onto its newfound hydration for a longer. Finally, Cupuacu works to improve the complexion’s overall tone and texture, plumping the skin with hydration to revive its elasticity. Working in harmony, this innovative blend recharges the complexion, revealing a healthier-looking and younger feeling surface.