Avant Skincare PH Balancing & Brightening Rose Infusion Day Mist 30ml


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A highly concentrated formula, the Avant Skincare PH Balancing & Brightening Rose Infusion Day Mist is brimming with skin-loving goodness to refresh and revitalise your visage. Boasting impressive hydrating and energising properties, your complexion will appear healthier and feel invigorated. A fine, lightweight spray, the face mist never weighs down your skin or clogs pores.

Blended using Rose Extract, the mist offers gentle exfoliating action to help with resurfacing your complexion, revealing renewed brightness and softness. The flower also boasts light-reflecting benefits, meaning your face will be drenched in radiant luminosity, helping to mask flaws for a delicate, clear finish. Added Dimethicone offers its protective properties to shield your skin from potential moisture loss, locking in hydration for a supple finish that lasts longer than before. Propanediol ensures effective absorption, allowing the mist’s goodness to penetrate deeply for a matte finish that’s guarded against environmental aggressors.