Avant Skincare

Avant Skincare Ceramides SPF20 Soothing and Protective Day Cream 50ml


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Shield your skin from environmental damage with the Avant Skincare Ceramides SPF20 Soothing and Protective Day Cream, designed to ward off UV rays with an SPF 20 formula. But the face cream offers more than just sun protection, leaving skin nourished and safe from other pollutants too. Incredibly lightweight, the cream absorbs instantly for an invisible, second-skin feeling that never leaves behind any undesirable greasy residues or shine. Ideal for maintaining the ultimate natural finish, the day cream protects your complexion without anyone even knowing it’s there.

Blended with Ceramides, the cream locks in moisture for a thoroughly hydrated finish and healthier-looking glow. Acting as a shield against moisture loss, the cream also stops bad bacteria and external aggressors from penetrating your natural barriers. Added Lecithin also steps in with hydrating action, working to revitalise your visage while supporting its reparative cycles for a refreshed look and feel. It's a perfect companion for skin that’s overworked, dry or mature, as it helps to replenish lost goodness and aims to soothe irritation for increased calmness. Finally, Rose Extract acts as a gentle exfoliant, helping to clear away dead layers of skin for a softer, smoother texture. It’s also blessed with reflective benefits that distort the light for a more radiant glow.