Nomad Noé Poet in Hangzhou - Bamboo and Tuberose


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    A romantic memory of an evening stroll with yourself.

    Smells like: a lake of white flowers. Sweet jasmine, creamy tuberose, and gardenias.

    Benefits: Calms the soul. Compassion booster.

    • Top Notes: Gardenia, Bamboo
    • Middle Notes: Tuberose
    • Base Notes: Jasmine

    Thin and matte porcelain that glows when the candle is lit. Hand poured in small batches in the USA with our signature blend of soy and coconut waxes.

    Fragrances are crafted in France without parabens, sulfates SLS and SLES, phthalates and mineral oils. Always vegan and cruelty-free. Burns for 60 hours.

    A scented candle that reveals and celebrates the essence of our POET: Qiu Jin (1875 - 1907).

    A valiant hero driven by a thirst for knowledge, Qiu Jin defies prevailing societal norms by leaving her home, unbinding her feet, and pursuing an education abroad in Japan. Upon her return, Qiu Jin serves as a revolutionary in support of the liberation of Chinese women. Upon her return from Japan, Qiu Jin serves as a revolutionary in support of the liberation of Chinese women, embedding a lasting legacy into the consciousness of her people. Ruminate on a path of delicate gardenia and unwavering bamboo, as the mysteries of Hangzhou unfold between ancient temples and night-blooming tuberose. Walk alongside its placid lakes as they bring into focus a reflection of what is in this very moment, and of what can be.