ESPA Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend Collection (4 Oils)


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    Create an atmosphere perfect for rest and relaxation with the soothing aromas of ESPA’s Diffuser Oils. The collection of four signature blends transforms your interior spaces into a subtly scented paradise without being overpowering. Having been hand poured and crafted with great care, you’ll be able to enjoy a long-lasting rich aroma throughout the entire day.

    The Set Contains:

    Soothing Aromatherapy Oil 10ml
    Composed of the mellow presence of Myrrh, warm Sandalwood, soft Rose Geranium and the gentle woody spice of Frankincense. Never overpowering, indulge in this comforting scent no matter your mood or stress levels.

    Positivity Aromatherapy Oil 10ml
    Delicately scented with the spirit-lifting combination of Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose Geranium, this oil blend will fill the room with its relaxing scent and strive to inspire positivity. A floral and citrus blend of potent essential oils, Bergamot and Sweet Orange give the fragrance a vibrant edge, encouraging a sense of optimism.

    Energising Aromatherapy Oil 10ml
    Spark the air with this truly invigorating aroma, working to battle signs of fatigue with its bright, sparkling fragrance. Cool Peppermint fuses with refreshing Eucalyptus and clarifying Rosemary to impart a sharp and enlivening scent. Potent and unique, this aromatherapy blend stimulates the atmosphere and the self with its clean, uplifting fragrance.

    Restorative Aromatherapy Oil 10ml
    Enriched with sumptuous Rose Geranium and ripe, juicy Sweet Orange, the reed diffuser releases an emboldening cocktail of scents that evoke images of blossoming tropical gardens, brimming with fresh fruit and richly perfumed flowers. The delicate notes of Lavender and Palmarosa mingle deliciously in the air, adding a contrastingly elegant element to the fragrance that restores balance and allows you to take on the day with confidence.

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