Avant Skincare Proactive Mandelic Acid Restoring and Anti-Pollution Toner 200ml


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Gentle yet revitalising, the Avant Skincare Proactive Mandelic Acid Restoring and Anti-Pollution Toner leaves your complexion refreshed and purified. Kind to skin without compromising efficacy, the toner works with your cleanser to lift away the final traces of build-ups and impurities. It has a slight exfoliating edge to resurface and brighten your complexion while also tightening your pores for a smoother-looking finish that seems perfected.

Enriched with Mandelic Acid, the toner is able to effectively target and improve the appearance of discolouration and hyperpigmentation. Whether you suffer from an uneven skin tone, blemishes or age spots, the toner can help to correct colour across your complexion to create an illusion of smoothness.

With Wheat Protein, an ingredient that’s renowned for being an impressive pore minimiser, the toner also works to give your face a more airbrushed finish. It also has balancing properties, helping to lock in moisture for long-lasting comfort and hydration. Deeply nourishing, the Wheat Proteins give your visage a more vibrant look with a glowing dewy surface. Thanks to Copper, the toner plays a part in maintaining normal levels of collagen and elastin, leaving skin appearing stronger. It also helps to control oil and shine, preventing pores from becoming clogged, which often results in breakouts.