La Poule Au Pot

La Poule Au Pot Restaurant

It’s a rare touch that makes somewhere romantic. It can have great food and an even better atmosphere, but without that extra je ne sais quoi,  it will always be found lacking. La Poule Au Pot, among the most venerable and consistent of Belgravia bistros, has somehow managed to capture that something and has been churning it out ever since. Underlit and cosy, with French farmhouse oozing out of every crevice, one could be forgiven for forgetting its London location. Avoiding all the trappings of prententious food, La Poule au Pot serves up deliciously well-thought out favourites. Translating as ‘The Chicken in the Pot’, you can order the eponymous dish off the dinner menu, but we recommend trying the classic Onion soup whatever you choose as a main. Be sure to book for this rustic favourite however, as it’s small interior is always full of hungry punters who want a taste of Authentic France.

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La Poule Au Pot Restaurant La Poule Au Pot Restaurant

Images property of La Poule Au Pot. Words by Olivia Cooley.

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