Kiwi Acai Smoothie Bowl

Kiwi Acai Smoothie Bowl from Honey and Velvet

The acai smoothie bowl has been popular in the US for a couple of years but haven’t quite yet hit popularity peaks in the UK, but we just know that you’re going to love it. Acai (say ‘ah-sigh-ee’) is a clever berry that can be used to add flavour (read that as hide the taste of raw kale…) to your smoothies and is packed full of anti-oxidant, as well as being low in sugar. It’s an all rounder.

We have been trying a few different options but the beautiful Kiwi Acai Bowl recipe from Honey and Velvet has been our favourite. Full of anti-oxidants and vitamins, this recipe is not only good for you but it’s also delicious and healthy. What more could you want to start off your day?

For full recipe and method, visit Honey and Velvet here.

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