Denim Through the Decades

As such as staple in our everyday wardrobe, it’s hard to imagine that jeans only really entered the mainstream in the 1950’s. Championed by Hollywood badboys Marlon Brando and James Dean, their popularity has never waivered since – although how we style denim certainly has. Celebrating Coggles’ rich heritage, we take a look at how to style yourself ready for any era.

1950’s: The start of an Icon

Grace Kelly looked positively glowing in a pair of cropped jeans in ‘Rear Window’, an American suspense thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954. Considered by many filmgoers to amongst the directors best ever productions, Grace’s ankle grazing look is also still a favourite today.


1960s: The Boyfriend

The boyfriend jean is back but no-one has ever quite pulled it off as well as Hollywood Icon Marilyn Monroe. Demonstrating why she was always one step ahead in the style stakes, we love the modern Marilyn equivalent from Paige Denim.

1970s: Short 

The most famous denim trend of the 1970s has to be flares, however by the end of the seventies women especially were ditching the excess material for another extreme – barely there shorts. Most famously worn by Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke in Dukes of Hazzard in 1979, you can recreate the look with a pair of Boss Orange shorts today.

1980s: Ripped and Ready

Iconic girl eighties girl band ‘Bananarama’ brought the ripped jean into the mainstream in the nineteen eighties, giving distress denim a whole new lease of life as teenagers up and down the country took scissors to their jeans in order to replicate the look. You can’t replicate the look much better than with these Current/Elliott ripped boyfriend jeans, an uncanny nod to the denim trends of yesteryear.

1990s: High Waisted and Pale

If you grew up during the nineties, its more than likely that you have watched at least one episode of the original 902010, the kids who managed to epitomise denim for the rest of the decade. Pair mid-rise or highwaisted pale jeans with an oversized tee to recreate the look. NEUW denim’s Sister Ray Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans are the perfect modern substitute.

2000s:  All about the Skinny

The late 2000’s were a time when the skinny jean dominated and comfort went out of the window as the superskinny came to the fore. I think it is fair to say that our affection for the superskinny is here to stay, but we’re especially enamoured with Paige Denim’s latest offering.




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