Champion x BEAMS Spring/Summer 2018 Capsule Collection


Available now at Coggles, Champion once more collaborates with Japanese lifestyle brand Beams on a new capsule collection for Spring 2018.

The Spring 18 collaboration unites Champion’s unrivaled sportswear identity with Beams’ strong Japanese heritage – which draws its influences from classic workwear, sportwear and military apparel.

Taking the theme of travel as a starting point,  Champion x Beams Spring 18 combines authentic and progressive sports silhouettes – that embody modernity, simplicity and street style – to create a packable, versatile and modern collection that is designed to empower and support creative urban nomads on the move. Champion X Beams Spring 18 is a collection of practical and functional sportwear that facilitates movement and performance on the street as much as it does on the field of play.

Woven fabrics have been incorporated to some of Champion’s signature styles; extra pockets have been added for greater functionality; the scale of ribbing and logos have been playfully re-examined and reworked; graphic direction signage symbols are used to embody the urban nomad travel directive. Each and every piece in the range is a celabration of what happens when the authenticity of one of the most influential athleticwear brands meets a cult, global renowned fashion and lifestyle brand, Beams – founded by Mr Yo Shitara in Harajuku in 1976.

Champion x Beams Spring 18  is a celebration of authenticity, playful creativity, style and newness, everything you’d expect from Champion, a brand that has inspired athletes and active people on and off the field for almost 100 years.

It’s a collection we are very proud of. It perfectly showcases Champion’s rich sporting heritage and Beams’ strong Japanese apparel identity to update iconic pieces of men’s and women’s apparel. It is a collection inspired by our joint passion for designing modern classics – discerning pieces that modern urban nomads desire when they are on the move.

 – Chris Haggarty, Managing Director of Champion Products Europe Limited






Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert