AMBUSH | Yoon Anh and her authentic approach to streetwear

The contemporary jewellery brand turned ready-to-wear label AMBUSH, has become known for founder Yoon Anh’s eye for detail, pop culture and progressive streetwear.

Taking a closer look at the brand and creative career of co-founder Yoon Anh, here is everything you need about AMBUSH.

AMBUSH Clothing


Who is Yoon Anh?

Yoon Anh today, is well known as the creative director of Ambush and as Dior Homme’s jewellery design director. Born in Korea, Yoon was raised in America, predominantly Seattle, with her father part of the US army.

After securing a scholarship to Boston University, Yoon studied Graphic design where she met her now-husband Verbal. Joining him in Toyko after finishing university, the duo launched Ambush in 2002.

AMBUSH Clothing


AMBUSH History

Originally launched as a design company AMBUSH was a creative outlet for Yoon, designing album covers for rap artists including Verbal who was an emerging artist. While Verbal’s career took off as part of the Japanese rap group, Teriyaki Boyz, manifested by Nigo, it gave the duo great exposure to the industry.

At the time Verbal dressed in the stereotypical baggie jeans of the New York hip-pop era. Yoon became his stylist, believing that his style should be the same on and off stage, dressing him in brands he liked, such as Raf Simons and Dior. Many say this was the start of the relationship between music with high-end luxury fashion.

In 2004, Verbal and Yoon launched Antonio Murphy & Astro, a small jewellery line to make better accessories for Verbal. In 2008, the electro scene and club culture in Japan was huge. Wanting to stand out they created the accessories they couldn’t find anywhere else. Their aesthetic was pop graphics and fine jewellery made in Japan. In 2008 they launched their second jewellery line under AMBUSH, it was picked up by the likes of Kanye West and Jay Z and peaked around 2010 when Big Sean, on the cover of his ‘Finally Famous’ album, wore their iconic pow necklace. It was through these close connections they were introduced to Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones.

We belong to a generation of designers who grew up on skate culture and street clothes in the 1990s and 2000s, so naturally, it gets manifested in our creations.

In 2018, long time friend Kim Jones was appointed creative director for Dior, the same year Virgil Abloh joined Louis Vuitton. Yoon Anh joined Kim Jones Dior Homme Jewellery Director and AMBUSH launched their first ready-to-wear collection getting her a nomination for the LVMH award.

AMBUSH Clothing


Today, Yoon is as big as the brand, her social media (@yoon_ambush) is a source of inspiration, often showcasing AMBUSH’s launches. Her effortlessly cool streetwear-inspired looks, always in statement jewellery and ever-changing hair colour, shows she is more than just the designer, she is the brand. Running a brand as a female designer, she has overcome the stereotypes of the streetwear genre. Streetwear is about breaking down barriers and challenging the status quo and Yoon is setting the example for women in this sector.

The AMBUSH Timeline

2002 – AMBUSH Design Company is founded focusing on art direction and album artwork design.

2004 – Yoon and Verbal found a couture jewellery line called Antonio Murphy & Astro in order to make better accessories for Verbal.

2008 – AMBUSH the accessory brand is founded by Yoon and Verbal.

2005 – AMBUSH launched apparel.

2018 – Presents first runway presentation as part of Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo.

2020 – Joined The New Guards Group

AMBUSH Jewellery 

AMBUSH jewellery is heavily influenced by the grunge era Yoon loved throughout her childhood to the subcultures of Toyko where she still lives today. Her graphic design background means she is a stickler for attention to detail, with much of her work recognised for the heavy metalwork, oversized designs and statement reworked shapes.

AMBUSH Ready-to-wear

The AMBUSH ready-to-wear collection pushes back on the gender boundary in fashion and is heavily influenced by Japanese street fashion. Remixing culture the brand stands out for its willingness to pursue unisex designs in a predominantly male category. The collection includes fluid shapes and a laid back aesthetic, acting as a hybrid between hard and soft, smart and casual. You will see a lot of bold typography found on casual pieces such as sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets.


What does the name AMBUSH mean?

The name was picked because they talk about their designs as an ambush, that Yoon designs are always a surprise.


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